iOS Devices not being added to intune

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Hi, I could use some guidance on to why our new iOS devices are not being added to the Intune devices list upon manual enrollment through the Compoany Portal app. This all worked before, I'm unsure what changed. 

This is my usual workflow


  1. Receive new batch of devices
  2. add new devices as pre-registered devices to Intune via their IMEI
  3. enable Intune direct license through EM+S E3 bundle for user
  4. user receives devices
  5. user uses or creates new AppleID to download the Intune Company Portal iOS app
  6. user enrolls device and installs Management Profile
  7. Configuration Policies should be applied
    1. first the general (non OS specific) policies
    2. then the iOS specific policies


somewhere in the past I've read an Intune Message Center notification about Intune policies not being applied in some scenerios, though I'm unsure if this is in any way related.


For some reason, step 6 is no longer properly working and the enrolled devices do show up in the Intune console. On the device itself, the Company Portal app says everything is fine and enrolled though. I believe this is the reason why the devices don't get some configuration policies applied, since they aren't a full part of the device groups where the policy should be applied to.


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at least I got the configuration policies to work again by changing it to a user instead of a device group.