iOS device showing only 2 days of email in Outlook Mobile App

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Anyone ever deal with a new enrolled iOS device only seeing 2 days of emails?  It seems like it has only happened to a handful of devices, but they are all getting the same config profile and policy.  




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Just a suggestion (try below on the 1 user);
1. Re-enroll the device again to Microsoft Intune
2. Re-install Outlook Application and configure account again
3. If above steps doesn't work, raise a support case with Microsoft Intune support team


YES. This started for me over the past weekend 5/11/24 and I thought there was something wrong with my mailbox. There are 365 days of mail in my mailbox (the rest are archived by retention policy) and I'm only seeing emails from the past two days in the mobile app. Roughly 50 messages or so. Even the messages I saw on Sunday are no longer showing in Outlook Mobile for iOS OR Android (i have both for testing). 

The environment has NOT CHANGED (CAPs, APPs, Configurations) and I have performed the troubleshooting steps that are always required first... removed account and added it back, removed Outlook and added it back, RE-ENROLLED MY DEVICE and reinstalled Outlook. This happens on two completely different devices.

This is just another in a long line of problems my company is having with Outlook Mobile.

Try going to into the Exchange Admin Center. Look up the user's mailbox and then go into their Mobile Devices and delete them all. I imagine they have a few or more. Have them uninstall Outlook Mobile App. Then reinstall it.