iOS deveices enrolled using Apple Configurator, apps are not updated

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Got a bunch of devices enrolled last year using Apple Configurator. A couple of apps are pushed out automatically when enrolling the devices.

Restriction on App store is made, so "Installing apps from app store" was blocked - and some other stuff is blocked.

Everything has been running just fine - until now, as the apps are not updating...... 


So for starters, I am testing on wiping a device, and enroll it only using company portal - signin and then the apps are still installed automatically. But I feel I am loosing some mangement.


Any clues?




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In the VPP Store have you checked-marked that you agree that the apps can selfupdate (with Terms and conditions)?


If so then I would consider filing a support ticket in poratl.


 @Michael Jensen 

@Marius Alexander Skovli 

No, I have not created anything in the VPP tokens section.

Hi Marius
To be sure - the best solution for approx. 40 iPad devices.
- Use Apple Configurator to enroll used devices into Apple Business Manager
- Afterwards synced to Intune for management
- Add VPP tokens for apps and deploy these from Intune

Devices are shared, and used by different user, hence they need to be fairly shutdown for the endusers.