iOS - changing 'Maximum Number of Failed Attempts' for iPhone passcodes before wiping device

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Hi All,


I'm new to using InTune for MDM in our corporate environment. One of the issues we have is all iPhones setup through Company Portal will wipe after 3 failed attempts an unlocking via the passcode.


I've checked with Apple Support, they say the default is 10 tries for a passcode on an iPhone. It seems our Compliance Policy or some other pushed config must be enforcing this setting at 3 tries. However, I can't see any setting related to that in the Compliance Policy currently implemented by Intune (see pic below).


Also, I've noticed Apple says you can change settings like this in a 'Payload' file. Seems like that's separate from Compliance Policies?

(See towards bottom for 'Maximum number of failed attempts')


Has anyone successfully implemented this setting on iPhones?
Would be grateful for any help.






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The setting can be found/created in a Device Restriction profile for iOS/iPadOS in the password section: (Number of sign-in failures before wiping device)



Thanks for the help! Didn't realize there was that second menu of settings
No problem, compliance policies are things the device should have configured and device restrictions policies restrict devices to certain (security/preference) settings. It's a combination of compliance, restriction, and configuration profiles that makes the devices do what you want ;)