iOS Apps are still managed even install over offical App Store

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Hello everyone,

We have the following problem and I wanted to ask if anyone has similar experiences or a solution.

For iOS devices we have Available Apps like OneDrive. For this we have also created configurations that include "IntuneMAMAllowedAccountsOnly". If a user installs OneDrive via the official Apple App Store, the app is unmanaged and private accounts can be used.
If the user installs OneDrive via the Company Portal, only the account that we have configured can be used.

However, if a managed app is uninstalled over the User and reinstalled via the Apple App Store, the app remains managed and no private account can be used.

The only solution I have found is to remove the configuration from the device via Intune and push it again.

Is there another solution?


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This is expected behavior, once the app is installed through the Company Portal the App Configuration is applied and when the same bundle id is again installed the App Config will get applied again. I must say what you offer, with 'personal use' when installed from public store and 'company use' when installed through Enterprise store (although this is also just public store) is not really a great user experience. Why not let people just add their personal account next to the corporate account in app. You should always use the key IntuneMAMUPN but not use IntuneMAMAllowedAccountsOnly.

See here:

If I am not mistaking, so definitely test this, your corporate account is the only account that is able to share within the App Protection Policy as Policy Managed app, so the app behaves Account Aware in that sense, see here: