[iOS&Android] Two app protection policies for the same account in two tenants

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Hi there!


We have a issue with the following setup:

  • We have two tenants (A and B)
  • For both tenants we use App Protection Policies for iOS and Android and we force them with conditional access for the Microsoft 365 Apps like Teams, SharePoint etc.
  • Tenant A invites the Tenant B User as guests accounts to collaborate with MS Teams
  • If a user from the Tenant B tries to switch tenant in the Microsoft Teams app on iOS to the tenant A with the same identity, it forces the user to log in to the tenant A (what is correct) but after the app tries to register the phone on the Tenant B (where the user comes from). This takes the user in a never ending loop (login, register and again)

The question is: is it possible to use two tenants with the same identity but different app protection policies in Microsoft Teams on iOS/Android?

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Hi again Rudy! I hope you are doing fine. :)

Exactly. Basically we want to enroll the device in two tenants.

As I read it is not possible: Intune app protection policies limit users to one managed work or school account per app.
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