IOS 14 - DEP enrollment stuck

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Anyone has also issues with DEP enrollment? When im trying to enroll a new iPad that's on IOS 14, its stuck on "awaiting final configuration from "company" " 

Tried to reinstall the iPad already, also tested with another iPad I have updated to IOS 14. Still same issue..  tried different enrollment profiles in Intune.

Tried on our Wifi network and with a mobile data connection, doesn't make a difference..


I checkt if i accepted the latest agreement in business portal, but already accepted the last one last week.

Tried with macbook with Catalina and the last apple configurator

Tried with a macbook with Big Sur Beta and the latest beta version of Apple Configurator


Got any clue how i can fix this? 

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I'm running into the same issue tested on an iOS14 & iOS 13 device as well seems to be stuck too. Looks like this may be potentially and Intune\Azure issue. Synced a few times, Performed a DFU restore on one device, factory restored through the phone on another device.


same here, with ios 13 was working properly, 10 out of 23 devices got iOS 14 and it always stucks with "waiting for the final configuration", when shared ipad is chosen.

- reinstalled ipad quite a few times,

- disconnected from apple school manager as well

-reconnected with intune and tokens

- created new profiles, 


need a fix for that urgently

- we need urgently a fix

now tested that a profile with sharedipad NO and all other settings identical, same ipad works, profile is deployed in a second

how can we fix this shared ipad problem?

@Ingo Straßer 

I'm having the exact same problem. Shared iPad, iOS 14.0.1 > Stuck at "Awaiting final configuration".



"We have fixed an issue on iPadOS 14, where Shared iPads could not complete enrollment and continue to show “awaiting final configuration from company”. The fix will be available in the October update of Microsoft Intune enabling you to successfully enroll Shared iPads running iPadOS 14."