Intune work profile outlook keeps asking for password

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I have an intune work profile installed in organizations personal cell phones. When using outlook people are facing an issue that outlook keeps on asking for password again and again after some time. Anyone who could tell me the reason and solution for this error

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@junaid04  It sounds like there is an app protection policy assigned for Outlook assigned, requiring a PIN for access. This is set in the Access requirements section of the app protection policy.

@junaid04 Is there any particular phone model? Let me guess, some kind of Android?

@wangjueliang same issue with me. after enrolling the device to the company portal outlook asking the user credential again and again on android device. 

Can you help me out on this issue.   


1. Check your Application Protection Policy
2. Ensure the "Work or school account credentials for access" is set to Not required.



@Yusuf_Buhari It keeps prompting for O365 account and not the PIN which is weird. Its like asking to login to O365 again and again

@akmurthy876760 check switching to another network