Intune with Windows 10 Home

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I’m having some trouble wrapping my head around Microsoft Intune deployment in a school with student BYOD. Intune is configured and tested using iOS, Android, MacOS and windows 10 pro/education.


Windows 10 home devices are turning out to be a real issue. I understand that they do not support most CSPs so I’ve been looking into using Intune to upgrade these BYOD computers to windows 10 education using the free licensing available to the students through Kivuto, it doesn’t look like this will work out due to individual licensing.


If you are using Intune for BYOD how did you overcome the issues with windows 10 home?


Full CSP compatibility list here:



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@brennonvon have you managed to find a solution to this? We've been using Kivuto to upgrade all devices to Education before enrolling. I'm wondering if there's a way to skip the Kivuto purchase all together?


What have you decided to do?


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