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Hoping you can help. We are starting down the Intune path and were wondering if there is a way we can set the device wipe where it leaves the device present in the Intune console but shows as unattached to anyone?

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Hi @meravensdown, when a device is wiped or retired from Intune, the service can no longer communicate with the device, as it is reverted back to its factory default settings, or the management profile is removed.

More information about the Wipe, Retire, and Fresh Start options can be found in our docs here: Remove devices by using wipe, retire, or manually unenrolling the device.

Could you expand on the reason why you'd like devices available within the portal? Is it to know that they're available to deploy to users?


If they're corporate devices, there are a few options that may be what you're looking for:
Identify devices as corporate-owned
Enroll Windows devices in Intune by using the Windows Autopilot
Automatically enroll iOS devices with Apple's Device Enrollment Program

Hope this helps!
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Thanks for your help. We found that if you retire a device it leaves it in the Intune portal and shows as not compliant