Intune Window Analytics Issues with OMA-URI

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Hey Team!


I would love some help with an issue i am facing! I am trying to get our Win 10 devices which are hooked into Intune as part of a Pilot to fire telemetry off to Log Analytics for things like Update Compliance.


I have my custom policy setup targeting a group of devices as outlined here. However, i am getting the following error within Intune and ultimately, no data through to Log Analytics. 

Event Viewer.PNGIntune error.PNG

The message / error code is a little cryptic and i am wondering where i have gone wrong! 

We have no proxies, going straight to www. Pretty basic hybrid domain join setup with minimal Intune setup.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Hey Buddy,


it looks like you have the wrong OMA-URI. The value you need to have for the OMA-URI is:

./Vendor/MSFT/DMClient/Provider/MS DM Server/CommercialID

and the value must be your ID in form of a GUID.


Can you confirm that your OMA-URI is like this: ./Vendor/MSFT/DMClient/Provider/MS DM Server/CommercialID


Mine is applied successful and it looks like this:SNAG-0034.png

in your screenshot I do not see  CommercialID, I think you replaced CommercialID with the GUID. The GUID must be set as the value and the URI must end with CommercialID.



Please verify again, thanks.






Thanks for that! Oversight on my half. State of policy is now green so will keep an eye out for telemetry. 


Thanks very much.