Intune Win32 App deployment 'restart device option' lacking control (in a large fleet scenario) ?

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Hey folks,


Built in Win32 app deployment capability in Intune doesn't seem to allow us to set a specific timeframe for a deployment (or did I miss something?). Specifically, on a case where you need a device restart after the installation (without surprising the user with a sudden out of the blue restart) It'd be ideal to have an option to set a specific timeframe for a deployment or at least alert the user multiple times to save the work/let the user perform the restart. 


Have anyone worked around this or did I miss something already exists?

Appreciate your inputs!..




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I guess with that option you could also end up with weird behavior during Autopilot. You really don't want your device rebooting during autopilot :) . A better option would be to deploy these kind of applications with psadt and make sure you just add a simple notification screen to add mentioning the device is going to re boot (and/or ad a shutdown command to the script)

Thanks Rudy, but this case is specific (targeted to a specific set of devices only) where Autopilot would be a totally separate scenario and in this case won't have any impact to.

Have you tried using assignments>availability?
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Thanks rahuljindal-MVP,

Apparently the combination of "Device behaviour”(changed to 'Intune will force a mandatory restart' option) and “Restart Grace Period” worked out nice and dice for me on this case.

Thanks all for your support!! appreciate it