Intune win applicaiton 32 not possible to assign for unenrolled devices

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I added win32 app and am trying to assign it for unenrolled devices in Intune, but the option is only visible for web apps for example, any suggestions

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So you want to push a win32app to a device from Intune, which is not enrolled to Intune? or am I reading it wrong?
no i dont wanna push it directly from intune , what i want is to add these apps to the company portal and assign them to unenrolled devices ,currently unenrolled devices can only view the webapps i added since there is an option in assignments |Available with or without enrollment| but when i go to a win32app i dont find this option anymore knowing that i once was able to do it .
so they have different assignments than the web links or apps and cannot be shown to unenrolled devices
sfaik when you want to deploy win32apps you need to have the ime installed and having intune device cert in place... i guess on unenrolled devices those arent there
ok thanks a lot for your help!
have a nice day