Intune Toast Message during Installation

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Hi everyone, 

im currently working on a script to install Microsoft CRM 2011 (i know its very old but we still need it). The script is written in Powershell and deployed via Intune. The Installation works fine,but i need to pop up some Messages to the User. For example if a restart is pending the user needs the get a notification and in this Case the Script must be stopped. Otherwise the installation will not be executed correctly. 

The deployment is in SYSTEM context and cant be changed to user context. Google showed me some ideas but they are only working in user Context. I also used some company created .hta files to give a Message but nothing works. Does anyone has an idea how to deal with popup messages ?


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This is a tricky one. You can try breaking the setup into pre-reboot and post reboot with pre-reboot setup acting as a dependency for post reboot setup. For reboot itself, you can use Shutdown -r utility to initiate a reboot with a custom message. All wrapped in Win32.