Intune to restrict Gmail

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I am manage my companies Mobile phone estate, and wish to restrict users being able to use their own personal Gmail account on android devices. I have liaised with the team who manage our Intune but they assure me there is no way to restrict users adding their own Gmail accounts to their phones (which is creating issues as a lot of our devices are now locked to the Google FRP), could anyone please help by pointing me in the right direction of guides to this

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Are these company owned devices?

You should be using Fully Managed Android Enterprise enrollment then. That way, you don't need a gmail account -
Yes these are company owned devices


Then I recommend using Android Enterprise Fully Managed as I mentioned before.

This doesn't require a gmail address.

@Thijs LecomteThank you, does this also restrict users adding their own Gmail account to it, we need them to be not able to add a Gmail account to their device

There is a setting for that:
Device configuration > Profiles > Create profile > Android Enterprise for platform > Device Owner Only > Device Restrictions for profile type > Users and Accounts setting