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Intune SCEP Profile "File name to long" error

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I am setting up a Intune PoC and having some issues with deploying a SCEP profile. In Intune the profile is marked with the status "Error" 


When checking the client (Windows 11 Pro Education) in the management-enterprise-diagnostics event log I see event id 32 "SCEP: Certificate enroll failed. Result:(the file name is to long)." 


Hoping someone could help how to resolve and what file this is referring too. 





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Is the Subject Name too long, perhaps?
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Hi Harm_Veenstra,

Thank you for your reply,

Was going back through the Microsoft documentation and found a discrepancy with the video tutorial I was using and the Microsoft documentation, I was using "Microsoft Entra ID" as the Pre Authentication and not "Passthrough" in the enterprise application associated with the App Proxy.

Changes setting to Passthrough and SCEP started to work.
Ah, nice to hear it's working now!