Intune - Running a kiosk with Chrome?

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Hi all! 

I've been trying and trying, and then trying some more to tweak everything I can possibly think of in order to get Chrome working as a fully automated kiosk solution in the same way you can do with Edge. 
I'd prefer to stay with Edge, but I have a bunch of developers argumenting for the use of Chrome, hence my post.  


Is there any success stories out there? As far as I understand, the kiosk feature itself is limited to running apps that have an AppUserModelId. Chrome does not have that (unless it's "Chrome", which doesn't work). I wish to have Chrome running in Singlemode, not Multi. Trying to do an AssignedAccess configuration leaves me with "unable to start your application", and then a reference to Microsoft Store corruption. I've used AssignedAccess on Edge with great success.

I've tried using the registry to autologon a user, and then having a PS script pushed through Intune in order to launch Chrome in kiosk mode. That's not a good solution if the user gets a hold of a keyboard, and if the machine should reboot I have not yet figured out how I can make Intune run my PS scripts more than one time (unless it fails, of course). 


Any help would be greatly appreciated, if not only a firm confirmation that this is simply not doable at this point. 

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If you have it working with a PS script via Intune why not just configure a scheduled task with PS that runs on log in to run the script instead of pushing through Intune?

I have scripts that I push with Intune that creates a scheduled task to launch a shell for example.

@almennn  That's one way to do it, however in a scenario with potential hundreds of these machines that might not be the optimal way of doing it. I will think about it. Thank you! 

@PhilipN  I'm in a scenario myself where I have 1-200 devices which need a shell in autostart. The best way I found to do this today was to package a PS script that adds a scheduled task that launches at log on. I run the script via a win32 app and have a custom script checking if the task is present or not. If it's not, the app (script) will be automatically installed again.

@almennn That's a cool approach! I'll look into that suggestion :) Thanks!