Intune Remote Help -Licenses and enabling the feature

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What is the process for Intune to recognize Intune Remote Help licenses so that we can enable the feature?  Licenses purchased and assigned, but we are unable to enable the feature.

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Hello @TracMora ,


Are you talking about remote help application?

Have you deployed the remote help as a Win32 app?

Please, check this article: Remotely assist users that are authenticated by your organization. | Microsoft Docs 


Yes.  Just finished Remote Help trial which was fine.  Purchased a few licenses for additional testing.  Have not deployed app via Intune, but have installed app on testing machines.  Unable to get Intune to recognize the licenses purchased.  Cannot enable Remote Help in Intune.

Do you have Intune + Premium Add on for helpers snd users? Here is a great guide by msft-



Think we may have the wrong license from our reseller.  There are so many questions around the licensing for the product the I think we will punt at this point.

Remote help: enterprise-grade assistance tool now available - Microsoft Tech Community

Agree! To be honest, there are so many issues with the product, licensing and functionality.

Just curious, how are you dealing with user sign out when providing Admin elevation support?

Haven't gotten that far trial ended and we want to do some additional testing with just a few licenses. The logout is OK with me, as long as all our helpers are aware of the process. Do you know the Product SKU for the premium add-on licenses. What we got from our reseller was SKU 061f9ace-7d42-4136-88ac-31dc755f143f which just shows up as INTUNE_A as the part number.



Not sure about SKU, but it should be this under O365. You can add it to your user and then find the SKU but this screenshot should be enough for them?