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Hi guys,


I hope you guys could help me with this weird lil issue. I've assigned a security group for the Read Only Operator role in Endpoint/Intune. I've added three members to the group. In the Audit logs in the AAD it states that the membership is succeeded. For some strange reason, they can't see/"read" devices in the Endpoint manager portal and in the notification it states "You haven't enabled device management yet. Click here to start".
I've tried to test it with a test-account, works perfectly.
Have any of your experienced this?

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Do the users have a Intune/EMS license?
Is that necessary? Cause they don't and so don't I actually. But I do have the Intune Admin role and not the Read Only operator. Would that make a difference?
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Perhaps this was configured?

"To be able to administer Intune you must have an Intune license assigned. Alternatively, you can allow non-licensed users to administer Intune by setting Allow access to unlicensed admins to Yes. "
This might be it! I will definitely check it out and let you know if this is the solution!
Did it fix your issue?
Have to wait on an approval before I can make such a change, but I will keep you up to date!
Got an approval and it indeed fixed the issue! Thanks for your help!
No problem, glad to help!