Intune Re-Enrollment error

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We have a hybrid environment here with On premises AD and Azure AD with Endpoint manager.

There seems to be an issue with the user's company M365 account. The user is using iOS 15.2.1 but the device is NOT fully managed - enrollment with profile method.

For this user, I retired their device then deleted it in Azure AD under their devices. Now the user can't enroll their device again as the company portal application seems to glitch out once they log in with their M365 company account.

We tried another account on the same iOS device and it worked and did not do the Company portal app glitch as shown in the attached screenshot

See the Photo below - that's all what occurs and no enrollment window pops up with that black Begin button. We have tried the uninstall, re install, log out, log on, phone reboot and such but still get this error. In Endpoint manager and Azure AD, the device is fully removed.


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We have just fixed this issue by removing the Mobile and Enterprise License from the user and re adding it. Very odd!