Intune - Quality Updates Windows 10


So we are moving to Co-management now and planning for targeting Quality updates only (no feature updates). We are with 1909 OS. I have the following queries :

  1. As I understand that we can prevent as long as we need to deploy feature updates on the device by creating a profile under "Windows 10 features updates (preview)". Is it still valid and any updates for GA ?
  2. Can we suppress the reboot completely like we do in SCCM/MECM. We do nightly reboots with a script so do not want Windows update to handle the reboot as these might cause service disruption to the end user.
  3. Any way not to prompt for reboot at all. everything should happen silently in the backend ?



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I believe you can do this if you deploy the setting correctly, also lately there is a script option that you could push to Intune clients now so anything script related is possible today to be pushed, for that you have to just create a manual or dynamic security groups in Azure either for Devices or users and add that group to the script section on intune and should be able to achieve this task.

@PDostiyar Thanks. So a script to disable the reboots after the patches are installed ?

Correct or any other Reboots that happens with windows updates, patches, or software installs maybe the script have the specific timing or all the reboots can happen base on the user selection or nightly at specific times...