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I want to disable intune by profile on devices so that the content when opening a new tab in microsoft edge is disabled.

I have reached administrative templates but I do not know what the policy that must be applied in these cases should be.

By edge content I mean the content that comes out of news when you open a new tab.


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Hi @hugo566788,


if I understand it correct you want that a new  tab open as a blank page or do you only want to remove the news ? 

@Mr_Helaas delete the news

delete the news but it would also be nice to know how to leave it as a blank page

Hi @hugo566788,


First, let start with the blank page. 


Create a setting catalog or an administrative template. I have used setting catalog in my printscreen.





Other option that you can configure to use the home page url also for the new tab page : 



To disable the news content on the new tab page use the following configuration:




Another option to configure your new tab page is: 



Please choose one of above options and test which option do you prefer. 


If you need any assistance on this topic please let me know



Thank you very much, it would be there. I wanted to know if it is possible by policy to put a personalized image so that the default image does not come out by Microsoft Edge.

Hi @hugo566788


For fas as I know it is not possible via the Intune Policy, but if you want to change the banner, this can only be set via the Office 365 admin portal.


Settings > Org Settings > Organization profile > Custom Themes.


I am not 100% sure if this will answer your question, so please test first in a DEV/TEST tenant before you apply to PRD