Intune possibilities for VDI replacement

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My client organization is currently using Microsoft Intune and recently acquired a new business unit. Newly acquired business members currently using on-prem VDI for business requirements. The requirement is that the VDI has only an approved list of applications and no other apps can be installed by the users.  My client IT head is very much interested to deploy Intune to the newly acquired unit users as a replacement to VDI (Due to the success of Intune in the existing environment). Will that be a good idea? If so, how we can achieve that for standard developers applications ( Visual Studio, SQL, Browsers, Editors, VPN client & Office suite). We have a plan to migrate existing to Azure WVD if intune is not helpful for this scenario. 

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You could start reading my blogs about implementing adminless on device enrolled to intune and my blogs about using the company app to publish apps

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