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Intune PKCS Certificate does not get installed on Client

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I am testing the deployment of a user certificate via Device Configuration Policy (Windows 10 - PKCS certificate).


Now, the certificate is requested, and in the logs of the CA, I see that the PKCS request was successful.

I can also see the requested certificate for the user on the Configuration Profile under "Certificates."


Soon, I realize that the report shows an error without an error code, and the certificate is not installed. After waiting for a couple of hours, I notice that Intune reports success, and the certificate is installed.


It seems that Intune retrieves the certificate very quickly, within a couple of minutes, but then cannot install it on the client immediately. Instead, it attempts installation again after a couple of hours, where it succeeds. The client remains connected to the network throughout.


Is this normal behavior, or am I missing something?


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