Intune Package to Deploy Teams

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I have got the scripts to uninstall Teams Machine Wide Installer and then I have script to install Teams client. I want to do the following steps


1. Copy Teams to a folder

2. Run the Uninstall Teams Machine Wide Installer Script

3. Run the Teams install scripts


How can we do it? Can I use command file to call one by one?

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@oryxway read this Microsoft Teams Uninstall, Reinstall, and Cleanup Guide & Scripts — LazyAdmin


then try to add something similar to the following


1. check the Teams client download link under 
Teams on Windows provides downloadable MSI installers in 32-bit, 64-bit, and ARM64 architectures.
2. invoke-webrequest to download the teams client

$targetfile = "$env:temp\Teams_windows_x64.msi"

if (get-childitem $targetfile) {

"will run"

} else {
    "Downloading file"
    invoke-webrequest -Uri "" -outfile "$targetfile"
    start-sleep -seconds 15
    "Installing Teams"
    msiexec /i $targetfile ALLUSERS=1