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Intune Outlook configuration Android

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Hi all,

i'm looking for a way to configure Outlook on Android Device Administrator devices. Outlook is installed on the devices as a Line of Business App (LOB). Unfortunately, the devices do not respond to any app configuration policy. Is there a way to configure Outlook anyway (mail accounts etc.)?


Thx in advance!


reetings Lars

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Hi LarsWe,

The device needs to be managed Android Enterprise Model and Outlook must be deployed from Managed Google play store.

From MSFT documentation:
“For configuration scenarios that require device enrollment on Android, the devices must be enrolled in Android Enterprise and Outlook for Android must be deployed via the managed Google Play store. For more information, please see Set up enrollment of Android work profile devices and Add app configuration policies for managed Android devices”

Hi Moe_Kinani,


thank you for your answer. I am aware that the configuration should be done via Android Enterprise and Managed Play Store apps :).


Unfortunately we have deployed around 1600 Android devices (Device Administrator) and have no option to reinstall all devices. I am therefore looking for a way to configure Outlook remotely in some way. The reason for this is the migration from Exchange 2016 to Exchange Online. Windows devices recognize that something has changed via autodicover, the Android devices unfortunately not.


Hi LarsWe,

I can’t think of any ways that you can push those changes remotely to Outlook.


@LarsWe Like Moe, I do`nt think it`s possible.

You should also have a look at a migration scenario as Device admin is marked as deprecated

Intune will only be able to provide full support for device administrator-managed Android devices running Android 10 and later through Q2 CY2020


Since a couple of days MS made a Compliance setting available, which helps in migrating your Device Admin devices to Android Enterprise Work Profile