InTune not reporting on users apps

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We have the Intune client on our users desktop but if I go in Intune to the device and click on the discovered app what is listed there does not match what is shown under the users Win 10 Add/remove programs


For example in the attached screen shot the Win10 laptop shows it has Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D. Intune is just not showing these.

Anyidea what the issue is? Programs.PNG

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Hello @Pn1995 


Installing apps from Microsoft Store will appear in "Apps & Features" list but not in "Programs and Features", not sure exactly what the technical reason behind it is but here is bit of information on the topic that I found with some quick google search, it might lead you to more rich information: What is a Windows app? What is a desktop application? How are they different? | Digital Citizen



OK thanks but the question is not really what is appearing on the Window10 desktop but why is InTune not picking up what is obviously installed on the desktop eg Photoshop, Cinema 4D etc??

Hello @Pn1995 


Right, yeah, sorry I reached for the wrong answer, I don't use much Windows in my Intune, but there has been a issue with app reporting in general, here is a Blog post on this issue but no resolution as far as I can tell. And may not apply to Windows in this case: Support Tip: Inconsistencies in reporting of Discovered apps - Microsoft Tech Community


But I would definitely go over the Details regarding the app discovery, you can have a closer look here: Discovered apps - Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs