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Jun 22 2023, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Intune Not Removing Windows Store Applications

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I have a customer who is unable to remove applications in Intune that were added when synced with Windows Store for Business.


The apps have been removed from the store and the customer has re-synced but that app never gets removed from the Intune portal.


 Any ideas?


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We experience this as well on multiple tenants, but don't have solution either.

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This is by design right now as far as I know, the same goes for applications synced from Google Play. There is a user-voice item here as well which you are welcome to vote up.


Thanks for the link.  Ive added some votes!  I can't believe this is by design.  It seems to me that its more of an oversight, surely if your syncing from the WSFB and you have refunded and removed the apps, this should reflect in the Intune Portal when you sync.

By Design maybe was a bad phrasing, it is not possible yet at least.. but lets hope it will be because it is annoying..





I would like to inform you,

Login to Endpoint portal -> click on Tenant Administrator - > Click on "Microsoft Store for Business",

Ensure the "Enabling Microsoft Store for Business sync lets you access volume-purchased apps with Intune" is enable

click on the click Open the business store - > Click on "Manage", - > click on Products & Services

Search for the Application which you want to remove.

Example: "Wrike Tasks"



Click on the 3 dots (...) & Click on "Product details


Once you get the Product details,

Next to Install click on 3 dots again (...)



Click on Remove Product.


-NOTE: Come back to the Endpoint portal -> click on Tenant Administrator - > Click on "Microsoft Store for Business", & click on "Sync"



Later go back to the App blade & refresh.

the Application will be removed. :smile:


If you still have an issue, please revert back or create a support ticket with Microsoft Intune for further troubleshooting.



@RizwanKhan the menu entry is there and I can click it. Unfortunately nothing happens. Apps are still in the list within the Business Store and are not removed. 

Same for me. Removing a Business Store App leads to an endless loop. 
Can click on remove as often as i want. The app remains in the app-list under Products and Services