Intune not joining correctly with restart (Android)

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When we try joining one of our Android devices (Samsung A20) with Intune, there seems to be an issue going on.


We send our phones to employees once the phone is at the Microsoft login page. This used to go well for a very long time, however, since a few days ago, our devices had problems after restarting.

The Microsoft login page no longer appears. The phone instantly acts like it was already joined completely and you can go straight into the phone.


However, you do not have any options to log in to a Microsoft account, the Intune app isn't installed.. So you're forced to factory reset the entire phone in order to get it to work correctly again.



Is there any way to avoid this from happening?

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I haven't seen this personally.

If this issue came up a few days ago, I would recommend creating a support ticket.
But I guess they will say that you shouldn't reboot mid enrollment.
Why aren't you letting the users enroll the devices?
Or using zero touch enrollment?



We've been facing the same issue here. Solution was after you boot into the phone, Play Store will install Intune, ask your user to log into Intune and enrollment will happen.