Intune MDM Setup-Screen anpassen

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Hallo zusammen,

ist es möglich, den MDM-Einrichtungsbildschirm mit personalisiertem Text zu versehen?

Anstatt "Setting up your Device for work..." würden wir uns einen eigenen Text wünschen.

Unter den OOBE Einstellungen finde ich dazu nichts.


Vielen Dank im Voraus!


Diesen Bildschirm möchte ich anapssenDiesen Bildschirm möchte ich anapssen

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I don believe this is possible. What do you want it to say? Is this just language issue? In that case if you deploy German image the text would align with the localization and language.

Hope that this was helpful.




and thanks for looking into this :)

We do deploy German Win 10 images, that was just a picture I took from Google to visualize what I am talking about, so that´s not the issue.

We would like this text to be changed to something recognizable for our customers, as they always get confused about what is happening on that screen (as it obviously stays on for quite some time when installing 16 applications, some of them 2.5GB each). We would´ve also included our company logo while being at it.


But, as you just stated, this doesn´t seem to be an option.

Hi... nope... changing it... isnt supported... but...... I am not saying it can't be done.. :)
When looking at this file.. you would say it could be possible

C:\Windows\SystemApps\Microsoft.Windows.CloudExperienceHost_cw5n1h2txyewy\webapps\inclusiveOobe\js\ oobeprovisioningprogress-vm

Again... totally not recommended! :)