Intune Management / Licensing question

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Hello community,


i have some devices (all W10) which are bound to a specific user (three devices), this user has an Intune license, but i can only add one device to a specific user. On the other side, i don´t want to set these devices with a guest-logon (e.g. shared device) because we use them as conference-room devices.


So i´m thinking to buy (three) device licenses for intune, is this my best option? The devices are all hybrid joined.


Thanks for reading.



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Hi there!

A user can enroll multiple devices, what is your wish exactly?

Good morning @TurqayGencay,

i want to control the conferenceroom-pcs with Intune (WUfB, Policies, etc.). But everytime i try to add one of the PCs, i´m getting the error that this device has already joined (MDM). There is already one PC connected to MDM with the same useraccount. What am i doing wrong here?