Intune Management Extension not installed on 200+ PC's

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Hi all


We recently moved from LOB apps to W32 to prepare for our upcoming autopilot rollout


While pushing apps out via W32, we noticed that the apps would install on about half of our PC's but not even report on the other half.


Via some digging, we found that the IME failed to install on these PC's




Does anyone have a way to install this on 200+ PC's correctly?  The majority of PC's are hybrid joined and there is no rhyme or reason as to why this is happening


On the PC's there is no IME records in registry or in file explorer, its as if the PC never had the extension in the first place


Any help is greatly appreciated




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How were those devices enrolled? i assume manually? enroll in devicemanagement only? if so... yeah that could cause issues.. and with it the IME not installing or uninstalling out of a sudden

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