Intune managed FortiClient SSL VPN

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Hi all,

we are on our way to Provision our modern Clients using Intune and Azue AD joined Clients. As Long as we have on prem Systems, we have to provide a VPN. We have Fortinet as VPN concentrator on our site. 

Does anyone have impemented SSL VPN with Windows 10 FortiClient (Store-App)? How can i configure the Client using Intune policies?

Thanks for Reply.



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Did you ever find a solution? 

No, i do not have a solution yet...

I would also be interested in this in order to set up AlwaysOn VPN with FortiClient Store App.

@Peter Kopper agreed would be nice to be able to create directly in Intune Device VPN policy.

As per this can be done via a PowerShell script via Intune


$Name = 'Test VPN'
$ServerAddress = ''
$AppID = 'FortinetInc.FortiClient_sq9g7krz3c65j'
Add-VpnConnection -Name $Name -ServerAddress $ServerAddress -PlugInApplicationID $AppID -CustomConfiguration '<forticlient>0</forticlient>' -RememberCredential


However the last post suggests that the Windows Store Client is no longer supported by Fortinet, I have not confirmed this statement