Intune managed devices which dont allow you to log in via a specific account outside of office

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Hi all,


Is it possible to have specific accounts which we can assign to users with intune managed devices but they can only access these specific accounts whilst they are on our network? Like a conditional access policy however I am not sure that conditional access policies works with device logins? 


These devices are intune only no hybrid join 



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Can you give some more details on the accounts?
This is absolutely possible via a CA policy that makes use of Named Locations containing the egress ranges of each office.
Hi They are Azure AD accounts (Cloud only)

Normal user accounts, my worry is if I use conditional access this wont affect logging into this account from the office as they will have the account cached in a way that doesnt look at the internet for them to log in? Therefore can log in without any issues and bypassing any conditional access policies set