Intune Managed browser vs. Edge

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Hey guys,


Looks like Microsoft is going to deprecate Intune Managed Browser soon. Anyone has any thought about that?


Things which lead me to that conclusion:


  • The Microsoft Edge browser for mobile devices (iOS and Android) now supports Microsoft Intune app protection policies. Users of iOS and Android devices who sign-in with their corporate Azure AD accounts in the Edge application will be protected by Intune. On iOS devices, the Require managed browser for web content policy will allow users to open links in Edge when it is managed. (
  • Intune Managed browser last update was in mid-April (Edge was updated on May 30).
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Certainly but as long as the config and protections options are not fully equal to Managed Browser this won't happen imho.

Edge needs to get more config options like Favorites, block/white list, etc... interesting how fast they can deliver then there will be no need to keep Managed Browser anymore.




so wait, the 'managed browser' is not an app you specify as a browser? do you have documentation ? I am trying to configure one now.

I for one can't wait for Edge to become the default browser - the Managed Browser reminds of the Windows NT days.

Based on news from Ignite, that is already happening.

Yes you are right and there is a great session about it. MS Edge seems ready. Let's test it out.

BRK3006 - Defend against mobile threats and increase user productivity with Intune-managed Edge browser



cool, waiting for video to become available

Is there any update on this? Would like to get this done and pushed to users if its already out. @Oliver Kieselbach 

@Justin Scarborough I think Mobile Edge is now fully comparable to the Intune Managed Browser. The documentation does not mention any missing features and I'm currently not aware of any.


UPDATE Edge is GA now -


UPDATE Microsoft Edge support for Intune scenarios on iOS and Android devices -




MSobile edge isn't bad, we find users don't really use it though no matter what we do.  Adoption is really hard compared to other MDM platforms.  @Oliver Kieselbach 

You always can use Conditional Access policies to force usage of "approved apps" for specieifc web-portals, so users won't have other options except to use Edge.

@Alexander Vanyurikhin Good idea, but retraining my 50k users would be a challenge at my firm.

That is really depends on why do you need Edge on devices. If it is required to improve security by use of App Protection policies for some internal resources, then probably you need to plan doing that. But if it is just using Edge for using Edge, then it is not feasible.

@Oliver Kieselbach 


Was MS going to release a specific date they would start depreciating support/resources to the Managed browser?


I have already remove MB from Android/iOS platform and turned the policies towards Edge. I have seen some comments here, blocking/white-listing sites? Really? That seems more and more a Corporate Device and not what is most likely a BYOD scenario. We force users to use Edge for anything inside Intune.

@Alexander Vanyurikhin Hi , I have deployed MS edge app, app configuration, on BYOD iOS device enrolled in Intune. I have made MS Edge as a managed browser. 

But MS edge suddenly stopped working, I mean end users somehow cannot open URL from outlook via MS Edge. So, end user uninstalled MS edge, trying to install from company portal but it is not installing giving error " app cannot be installed". 

As a Result- I reployed MS Edge browser app through Intune, setup new app config policy, and assigned to all users - It started working. 

Now, this issue occurred again. There are no errors on affected devices in Intune, device is compliant too. 

Can you help me with this issue?