Intune MAM - Application protection policy - Edge is detected as OfficeHome application

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Hi, We are in the process of deploying Mobile Application Management to protect corporate data for users who are using devices that are not enrolled/domain-joined. We configured Microsoft Edge to allow access to Office 365 apps. However, during the initial testing, noticed in the logs that Conditional Access was failing since the Edge is being detected as "OfficeHome" instead of Microsoft Edge.

Was wondering if you too faced this issue and hoping to get a resolution for the same. Thank you in advance.



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Can you please confirm you are following this steps on the device and there is no accidental MDM registration:
Thanks Sebastiaan for the reply.
These steps are well noted during the logging process, however, the issue persist with same log being sent to Intune portal.

Although, reading the above guide, found some interesting note:
" Existing account
There's a known issue where there's a pre-existing, unregistered account, like email address removed for privacy reasons in Microsoft Edge, or if a user signs in without registering using the Heads Up Page, then the account isn't properly enrolled in MAM. This configuration blocks the user from being properly enrolled in MAM."

Will check and test if this is my case.


@rpcasama Thanks for posting this.  I'm chasing the ghost as well, trying to create a Conditional Access to block OfficeHome, but it seems like is Edge the one being wrongly identified.