Intune log reader app?

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The log file here:


looks like it has a format. Is there a viewer app for this log type?




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@Rudy_Ooms_MVPCMTrace is a component of SCCM which has nothing to do with Intune/MEM.

One year later…. So cmtrace has nothing to do with having the option to read the intune mgt log? I guess you also think onetrace isnt ment to be used to read the intune mgt log ? :)


may i ask what your method is to open and read the intune log?

I also still use CMTrace for reading Microsoft logs because of the formatting, which makes it so much easier to read

I'm asking for a method to read the logs. I pay tens of thousands of dollars per month for Intune licenses and autopilot. I do not use SCCM or CfgMgr. I see many Microsoft employees and reps telling us to use the log reader from completely separate tools like those (CMTrace or One Trace) that have their own licensing (using CMTrace without an SCCM license would be an unlicensed product).

Microsoft should provide a log reader for Intune only customers.

Those tools are free to use AFAIK. And any text reader, notepad ++, work fine only cmtrace formats it nicely 

Again… you dont need to pay to use those tools… they are freeeeeeee:) itsn that nice? Instead of complaining… maybe just download cmtrace and open a log?


its there so just use it?


Of course i can add jason sandys to this concersation? 

CMTrace is not free, it requires SCCM, CfgMgr or System Centre licensing to use. Just because someone can copy the .exe into a zip file and host it on their own site for download does not make it free.
Just wondering but can you show me the website in which is stated that you need to pay money to download and install the sccm TOOLKIT? the cmtrace was also offered on an official ms download link (until it was replaced with onetrace)



Thanks Rudy for the original reply over a year ago. Cmtrace was indeed the solution, I should have replied back then,  sorry.


Re licensing,  it would be nice if MS explained it in simple terms somewhere. The closest thing i could find was this post below,  not from MS, that mentions that cmtrace can be used with intune due to a CAL being included with M365 license that you need for Intune, but not with all M365 licenses.

Wrote a blog post about using PowerShell for this :) (And yes, I got the idea to do so from this post :D )
I just released tool Get-IntuneManagementExtensionDiagnostics.ps1
which analyzes Intune Management Extension logs and also includes LogViewerUI which has everything formatted in clear text, includes search and filtering. Also found Timeline events are added to log view to help find right place/time in log.

And with option -ConvertAllKnownGuidsToClearText all known GUIDs are converted to App and Script names in LogViewerUI. This helps debugging a lot.

I use LogViewerUI usually with this command:
./Get-IntuneManagementExtensionDiagnostics.ps1 -Online -ShowLogViewerUI -ConvertAllKnownGuidsToClearText

Script can be downloaded from Powershell Gallery with command:
Save-Script Get-IntuneManagementExtensionDiagnostics -Path ./

And you can run it with different options:

# or to get Intune Powershell script names from Graph API
# use -Online parameter
./Get-IntuneManagementExtensionDiagnostics.ps1 -Online

Project web pages and more info/help can be found from GitHub page

There are other options like cmtrace but my solution adds found events info to log viewer and can convert GUIDs to real names which helps a lot when debugging log file.