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Hi all,


Are their any log files saved on a Windows 10 device which is managed (MDM) by Intune? I want to deploy some software to the win10 devices, but I get an error in the Intune portal, no idea what the error means, so hoped to find some info on the local device. In the eventviewer not one event indicating a software install or failure.
And does anybody knows where Intune temporary downloads the software during installation/ deployment?





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You can look here; settings > accounts > access work or school . Here you have the option to Export your management log files. They are stored in c:\users\public\documents\MDMDiagnostics


Also in the Company Portal you have the options to Send Logs (to yourself or admin) in the Settings page.


Hope this helps.





I would like to add that the blog below is very helpful for troubleshooting software deployments via MDM.


Also, %windir%\System32\Config\SystemProfile\AppData\Local\mdm is another location to find logs and cache msi files related to software deployments.



@Peter Daalmans@Michael JonesThank you both, will have a look at these locations!