Intune IOS trusted certificates profile

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I'm having issues getting my internal websites to trust my cert chain on IOS.  I think the issue is because the intermediate cert is not in the cert store or is fully trust on IOS.  The issuer for the web cert is the intermediate server.  


We have two trusted certificate configurations deploying out root and intermediate cert, but in the IOS "Certificate Trust Settings" only our root cert is appeared - intermediate is not there.  


How do I get my intermediate cert into the store and fully trusted or is there a better way to handle this?




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Both Configuration Profiles are Trusted Certificate and both certifcates are exported in the same way?
Hi, sorry for leaving this up, but we found the answer.

The issue wasn't with the cert chain, but with our Linux web host not having the correct cert chain. Even if the intermediate cert doesn't show in the "Trusted Certs Store", it is still trusted by the cert chain as long as it is deployed via Trusted Cert Config Profile.