Intune - iOS 11.4.1 device lost personal contacts after migration to Office365.

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Intune - iOS 11.4.1 device lost personal contacts after migration to Office365.

Now the user is unable to edit her contacts.

Intune Device Configuration Policy set to 
Allow unmanaged apps to read from managed contacts accounts - Allow
Allow managed apps to write contacts to unmanaged contacts accounts - Allow
Contacts not backed up on iCloud.
Kindly share if you had similar experience/reason why it can happen and solution to avoid loss of contacts for future users to be mi
Guidance required to assist the user with contacts edit and save.
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What do you mean by "Migration to Office 365"? Did you enroll the device into Intune?

Are the contacts still present in Outlook on the desktop or in mobile?

@Thijs Lecomte 

The user was on exchange and was migrated to Office 365.

Users' device was registered to Intune and the user lost all personal contacts on the Phone.

Contacts are not present on either phone or iCloud.

Now the user is able to add new contacts but unable to edit the contacts on the Phone.

There isn't anything in Intune that should cause this.
Maybe there is just another contact list open on the phone?

@Thijs Lecomte 

We are having the same issue with mutiple users.  When they install InTune after O365 upgrade on Verizon iPhones - all their personal contact cards are missing.  It wipes them out and creates all the contacts in their O365 email.  We cannot figure out a way to get them restored.  

The only way we know how to stop it is to have them select to not sync Contacts when installing but that doesn't help us when the users have already done that - on getting them back.  


Our company is experiencing this as well. Migrated from Google mail, to Office 365 then moved from Mobile Iron to Intune, and users are losing contacts. 

Hello SharjeelShk, it is causing an issue, more than one company, multiple users losing contacts. I believe maybe contacts get moved somewhere but the only common demoninator to this scenario is well all moved to intune, how could it not somehow be intune?