Intune integrate with Android APK which is hosted externally?


We are currently moving our app from existing MDM to Microsoft Intune, currently we are hosting our Android apk on our premise. We understand Google will deprecate Device Administrator and we all have to go for Android Enterprise for Android 10 and above. So there is no choice we have to host our apk to Managed Google Play.


We have recently found this google features, so called "Externally hosted private apps". It allows us to continue hosting our apk on our premise and upload the metadata to Managed Google Play, and so the user will be able to use Managed Google Play to search for our app seamlessly. 


I can't really find any Intune doc mentioning how to integrate this with Intune. This doc mentioning how to integrate Intune with Managed Google Play but it only focus at the normal way, which, the apk is directly hosted in Managed Google Play, it doesn't mention how to do so if the apk is hosted externally. Is there anyone can tell whether if this is possible when using Intune?

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