InTune in Office365 Business Edition and E3?

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We have Office365 Business Premium Edition with about 100 users.


Out user have just added there Office365 email, Onedrive and Sharepoint apps to there personal mobiles phones as and when they require.


We would now like to put in some structure and control. So out aim is that people can add email, onedrive etc... to there personal devices but if that employee leaves we want to be able to wipe that corproate data.


Is this possible in our edition of 365 or do we need a E3 or is it just not possible?


Any suggestion appreciated

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You have the choice between Office 365 MDM and Intune MDM.
OFfice 365 MDM is included in your Business Premium.

Intune requires a Enterprise Mobility & Security E3 license.
Here see the differences between the two: