Intune - Get Users/Devices that have specific software

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hi all,

looking to get a list or users OR devices that have a specific software. i see that there is a discovered apps section in Intune, but that can only be viewed once you have selected the device. was looking at different methods (even graph API), and no luck.

Has anyone have any suggestions or was able to achieve this (whether its a direct method or having to manipulate outputted csvs, etc.)


at a loss here, but need this asap..been trying all day


also looked at running Get-Package or Get-CimInstance  to get the info but was unsure on how to return a value/code to intune to determine a success/failure


Note: all devices are AAD enrolled, (not joined to a domain)

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Hi Adrian,

Use PowerBI OData Feed to Intune in order to pull and customize reports you want.

Check it out, you should be able to pull all discovered apps with nice looking report!

Hope this helps!

@Moe_Kinani Couldn't see anything for DiscoveredApps. the options available looks like the same data you can pull from Intune reporting in the admin center.

Do you PowerBI Desktop to pull the tables? Or just out of box reports template.
I recommend using PowerBI Desktop to customize your own reports, for example, who has App X installed in their PC. Many other reports that can help you read the data easier than looking at Admin Center.


@Moe_Kinani Hi, I'm using PowerBI Desktop. From the link above I entered the data source from my tenancy and selected several options (queries) from the list. a bit of a noob so couldn't find a 'custom' section.


@ny further info on this? i am using the link as a guide...but no 'DiscoveredApps' table?

can anyone assist on this issue?