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Hi Everyone.


I'm working on a complete inventory of apps installed on all devices on my Tenant. The report should contain the device name, its operating system and the names/verison of any installed apps, regardless of source (MSI, executable, app store). Is it possible to get all this information directly from Intune? Some advice?

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Just like the other question about intuen reports... graph would be a perfect place to start:

And maybe you get some useful information

I guess when defender atp can do this (devices/ software inventory) , the information can be exported
Hi Daniel,

Keep in mind that the all the devices are marked as corporate in intune. When the device is marked as personal it won’t report all the installed applications and you can only see the application that you published in intune.

There are several ways to collect data, power bi, graph api, defender atp(license required), but intune has also built in reports available.

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