Intune for Linux - SSO authentication does not work (loops forever)

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Hello everyone,


I'm trying to enroll a Linux device (Ubuntu 22.04) with Intune. I've installed Edge and Intune, following the instructions at Enroll Linux device in Intune.


I open Intune, enter my email address:

Capture d’écran du 2023-04-25 12-53-53.png


I am then redirected to the SSO login page of my organization (Atos):


Capture d’écran du 2023-04-25 12-58-45.pngI can choose a login option and enter my login information, the company's SSO page briefly indicates "Login successful", but then I'm back to the same page (SSO login). This is unusual: in other apps, after the "login successful" message, the page closes, the application gets all the required credentials and proceeds.


It seems that the Intune client didn't pick up the successful auth. Therefore, I'm not able to go past this stage. Launching Intune from the Terminal doesn't give any helpful information.


Is that a known bug? Are you aware of a way to get more logs from Microsoft Intune for Linux?


Thank you for your help.


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I got exactly the same issue. Any update on that ?

It seems to be a bug in Intune for Linux. The way it handles the authentication doesn't work with our authentication form...