Intune Feature Updates set to 1903 but machine gets updated to 1909

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Hi all,


I am checking the Windows update ring and I've set the Windows 10 update ring policy Feature update deferral period (days) as 0. Used the policy Windows 10 feature updates to 1903 and targeted to devices group. However, the machine got updated to 1909, on the Windows 10 feature updates- End user update status- Update status shows as failed and Feature Update version shows as latest.


Machines are hybrid azure AD joined, Reporting and Telemetry- Share usage data already set to Basic.  Anyone facing such issues?

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Currently getting the same behavior in my TestLab. Having a system with 1809 and want to stick it to 1903. Even if the deferral for feature updates is set to 0, the machine will update to 1909.

Did you find any solution?

@MarkusBux Not yet, the ticket was pending for quite some time and through Intune support twitter handle I asked for help. They internally escalated and I am expecting a call this week. However, I got some updates that there are some issues in the backend and the engineering team is working on it.