Intune EAP/TLS Wi-Fi Profile Only Applied to First Wi-Fi NIC?


I'm working on a problem unrelated to the subject of this post related to RADIUS authentication with Cisco ISE and needed to use an external network adapter capable of monitor/promiscuous mode to catch some traffic in Wireshark.


I have Intune set up to push down certificate and Wi-Fi profiles which normally work fine. The device goes out to NDES to get its cert then connects to our Wi-Fi using the EAP/TLS Wi-Fi profile pushed down from Intune.


I noticed that when I hook up my external Wi-Fi adapter, the Intune Wi-Fi profile doesn't seem to work on it. Instead of connecting with EAP/TLS, it asks for username/password. This makes me think that Intune isn't applying or associating the Wi-Fi profile with this external NIC.


Has anyone else encountered this? Is it possible Intune is only assigning the Wi-Fi profile to the first NIC it finds or the NIC that was in use when the device was enrolled? Even if I disable the built-in NIC in device manager, it still won't use the Wi-Fi profile on the external NIC. So weird.


I'm doing this testing on a Surface and have disabled the internal Wi-Fi NIC in UEFI/BIOS and am currently re-imaging the device with just the external adapter connected to see if that makes any difference.





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Hi @DanWheeler706 ,


Are you deploying the WiFi profile as custom policy or using settings catalog? and have you targetted it to user or device group?


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As far as I can tell, the Intune wifi profile will apply to the first active adapter. You can possibly script this to tweak the configuration.

@somesh_pathak it is from the settings catalog and it assigned at the device level. It works fine under normal circumstances, just not when you add a 2nd NIC (e.g. an external/USB wi-fi adapter)