Intune device showing non compliant and per user status different

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Device is showing as non-compliant, when we click on the device-->Device Compliance, it shows multiple users on the same device, some showing compliant and some showing Not Compliant.



How the device compliance is decided when multiple users sign-in on a device?




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It sort of says it here :

"Enroll devices to one user, or enroll without a primary user. Devices enrolled to multiple users aren't supported."

Resume: Intune will track compliance for every user on that device, so if one fails... the whole device fails... And this is done for every user who logs in..


Did you also tried with a device with the primary user removed, so it really becomes a shared device?

Thanks, i didn't try that yet but got the answer, will try that.
So any user who logs in to that Hybrid azure ad join machine will be visible in Intune because same policies applies to all users, Any way to remove those additional users from compliance setting of the device? Cant find that option
You have your built in compliance policies, some custom-made compliance policies and your default set of compliance policies , (that you need to target to users.) so you could add "all users" and use the filters to exclude some devices/users.

But you will always have your built in compliance which you can't do anything about :) Like is active, enrolled user exists etc
Hmm.. thanks, yeah asking question here because these things not clear in MS Docs. One more question, we know if device is not complaint, then it is considered as "quarantined". Does it have any impact on user/device unless it is linked with conditional access policy?

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I know :)  compliance policies are not very well written about.... (creating a blog about it ... but I need to find some time I guess)


Compliance policies are only to measure something (except password policies on mobile devices if I am not mistaken... as they sort of enforce a user to change their password)

So you will need to have something to sort off enforce an action when its not compliant --> Conditional access... If --> then

Whenever we enroll a device using a DEM user then change the primary user from endpoint manager , why does the device become non-compliant after some days , any clue @Rudy_Ooms_MVP 

Depends on why it isnt compliant anymore :) ... any screenshots ?

@Rudy_Ooms_MVP did you ever got time to wrote a blog about it 


I am facing issue where only single user is being showing non compliant for any device he sets up intune after some time shows compliant in intune but device never become compliant.

I got around this issue by targeting user based group for the compliance policy instead of a device based group.