Intune Device Registration

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Hi All,


Currently having an issue with intune, while i've enroll 3 devices via company portal, i'm still seeing config policys in pending, while looking at Intune Troubleshoot page, no devices are showing up as registered, what could be the issue?








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Compliance against the Intune policies can take some time. How much time have you given between enrollment and checking in the Intune console? Are you able to see the status of the device in the company portal itself?
Hi, it's been about 5hours since i've created the policies
When i go to Configuration Policy status it's showing no data

I assume you waited some time ... if yes...

One:. I assume those devices are azure ad registered?
Two: When looking at the Intune portal, what status or mdm provider is configured?
Three: I assume the sync button in the company portal works and isnt giving you issues