Intune Device / App Protection and Apple Car Play / Android Auto

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Hi everyone, i'm facing the following issues:

In our environment Apple CarPlay and Android Auto isn't working when using company or private devices.


Apple CarPlay:

I know already, that it is necessary to NOT block Siri with device configuration. (This is not configured :)

And i know already, that the App protection policies are related to this issue.

As mentioned in this MS Docs article, we should configure APP to allow ANY traffic between managed and unmanaged apps. 

I think this isn't a good workaround at all. :D It has to be possible to exempt Apple Car Play and not to ruin the whole app protection security.


Android Auto:

I couldn't find any information at all regarding to Android Auto in conjunction to Intune or APP.

What's necessary to make this work? Do i need to install the Android Auto App inside of the android enteprise work profile? Whats' necessary when a device isn't enrolled at all and is just using the app protection policies?


Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!



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@PatrickF11 For managing the Android Auto app, you must install it on the device, and it will work perfectly.


we have issue to get MS TEAMs working with Android Auto on the Enterprise Work Profil


if we install MS TEAMS on the Personal Profil it show up in Android Auto.

or is MS TEAMS not supported with Android Auto and Work Profil ?

What i can see based on my current tests:
An unmnageg device protected by App protection policies (APP) isn't fully able to use Teams in Android Auto.
The user reported to me the following:
- he can see the teams app in the car
- when someone calls him via teams, the app in the car isn't ringing.


By the way: When searching the www it looks like Teams on ANdroid Auto AND Apple CarPlay isn't that great improvement in usability... :D

Microsoft announced improvements to the Teams App in Apple CarPlay. There's a new Calendar View to join a meeting from. Unfortunatelly as @dipendas1979 mentioned: It's necessary to completely soften the app protection. In my oppinion this shouldn't be a solution, just a workaround.